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Origin: Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (1998)

Health: 850,000

Voice Actress: Michelle Ruff

Description: A Cybernized Chun-li. Shadow Lady unwillingly fights against friend and foe alike, trying to gain her freedom. However, with her body and mind seperte, she tries to scream, but is ignored.

Intelligence: 2 (Normal)
Strength: 3 (Above Average)
Speed: 2 (Normal)
Durability: 3 (Enhanced)
Energy Projection: 6 (Multiple types, multiple range)
Fighting Skills: 5 (Master of single type of combat)

Entrance: Shadow Lady has the same entrance as Chun-li
1: [Nothing]

2: “Are you ready for me?”

Vs. Chun-li: “This seems like an error.”

Vs. Shadow Lady: “Something’s not right here…”

Vs. C. Viper: “Even with cyberization, I remember you.”

Vs. Iron Man: “Cyberization hasn’t corrupted you. Interesting.”

Vs. Tron/Zero: “More machine than human… I can correct that.”

Entrances against Shadow Lady

C. Viper: “You? What on Earth happened?”

Ryu: “Chun-li, what happened?”

Iron Man: “Cybernetics huh? Well not that new to me.”

L – Jab (17,000)
M – Kick (19,000)
H – Strong jab (32,000)
S – Strong Kick (50,000)

L – Jab (20,000)
M – Left Jab (25,000)
H – Double knee kick (34,000)
S – Strong kick (50,000)

L – Jab (15,000)
M – Spinning Slaps (25,000)
H – Tripping knock down (43,000)

Alpha: Missiles (shot, extra)
Hyper: Galaxy Missile
Beta: Drill (direct, forward)
Hyper: Big Bang Laser
Gamma: Hazen Shu (direct, above)
Hyper: Big Bang Laser

(Air) Down + H – Stomp (34,000) – S. Lady extends her right foot, stomping on the enemy’s head to gain more air mobility

(Against wall) – Forward – Wall Jump – S. Lady jumps from the nearest “wall”, gaining additional mobility.

A (rapidly) – [Air okay] Hyakuretsu Kyaku (141,000-182,000) – The same as Chun-li’s version only faster and slightly improved range. Mashing the buttons more determines the damage.

QCF + A – Drill (123,000-145,000) – S. Lady holds her palms out, making a drill form as she charges forward slightly. The button pressed determines how far and the damage she causes.

QCB + A – Missiles (145,000) – S. Lady fires missiles from her back, the missiles home in on the enemy and hits them four times. The button pressed determines how fast they move.

Shoryuken Motion + A – Electric Shield (155,000) – S. Lady envelops herself in an electric current. Anyone who touches her is shocked and stunned for a second.

Shoryuken Motion Back + A – Hazen Shu (156,000) – S. Lady jumps, hitting the foe with an overhead kick. Causes knock-down.

QCF + AA – [Air okay] Big Bang Laser (254,000-298,000) – S. Lady holds her hands back and yells. She will then fire a large controllable laser blast. Pressing buttons deals more damage

QCB + AA – Galaxy Missiles (210,000-287,000) – S. Lady holds her hands together and fires a steady stream of missiles from her back. Each missile homes in on the target and deals exceptional damage. Pressing the buttons will increase damage.

[Level 3] L, L, M, Forward, H – Final Mission (415,000) – S. Lady preforms a Shun Goku Satsu. If she connects, the screen will turn white and several explosions are heard. It will then show her folding her arms as the opponent crashes down next to her.

“Error! Error!”

Iron Man: “Your cybernetics aren’t really THAT impressive.”

Iron Man: “Damn, okay, maybe I was wrong. Did more damage on me then I thought.” [Victory Panel]

Tron: “Wow, I’ll admit, you’re an impressive spectacle!”

Chun-li: “Somethings not right… Who are you really?”

Chun-li: “No… I would never work for Shadaloo or S.I.N.” [Victory Panel]

C. Viper: “You still don’t stand a chance.”

C. Viper: “Stay down Chun-li, or else it’ll be a permanent sleep!” [Victory Panel]

Shadow Lady mimics Chun-li’s victory pose

1: “Elimination, complete.”

2: “Please… Someone… help me…”

3: “You are broken. Now you too must undergo processor if you wish to live.”
Against S. Lady: “Only one can walk away alive.”

Against Chun-li: “No… No… No…”

Against Tron/Zero: “You are nothing more than scraps now.”

Against C. Viper: “How does it feel to be below one else, Maya?”

Shadow Lady folds her arms, looking at the player.

1: “Cyberization will only hurt for a moment.”

2: “Rest well, for your assimilation will be complete soon.”

3: “Why… Why am I doing this?”

Against Chun-li: “Please forgive me! Please!”

Against C. Viper: “It would be a shame for your daughter to not have a mother. Will you comply now?”

Against Ryu: “Not even you could help me… Ryu…”

Against Storm/Vergil/Dr. Doom/Wesker: “I was sent to destroy you. Now my mission is complete.”

Against Spencer: “You will obtain more than an arm with cyberization.”

1: Normal
2: Orange lights
3: Red skin and clothes
4: Blue skin and clothes
5: Purple lights
6: White lights
DLC: Shadowed version of Chun-li’s Alpha attire.

Shadow Lady CAPCOM
My current main in MvC 1. Shadow Lady is a secret character whose pretty much Chun-li as a kick-ass Interpol cyborg. Because the backstory is basically well, none. (rumored that shes been captured by Bison and freed by Shadow who is really Charlie), I thought it'd be a good way to make her seem as if shes fighting from the inside. Hope people get the joke for her victory against Doom, Vergil, and Wesker.

Shadow Lady (c) Capcom
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